Wednesday, 15 January 2014


To put it simply I love pink makeup products! I cant get enough, and I have a ridiculous amount of pink lipsticks and blushes. So today its all about pink (pink post on wednesday- unintentional but perfect haha) so I thought I would share with you my top 5 favourite pink blushes and lipsticks :)

Clockwise from top: Mac Well Dressed, this is quite a light pink pastel colour that I would normally be cautious of but this one as so pretty and suits so many different skin tones. Dior Rosy Glow, dare I say this is my all time favourite... it is cool toned which I love and gives as the name suggests a glow to the cheek although it does looks quite bright in the pan don't be fooled, it looks a lot more subtle on the face, I believe it supposedly reacts with your skin to give the perfect glow. NYX peach, I wouldn't say this blush is peach but it does have some subtle peachy undertones which looks so natural on the skin and is amazing quality for a fantastic price (apparently they are starting to sell nyx in Target in Aus now although I have yet to see it, pretty exciting though stay tuned for a haul when I do find it haha. Nars Deep Throat is the blush I always come back to when im in a rush and cant pick what to wear, it is no natural and a warm toned peachy pink, with a hint of gold (although much more subtle than Nars orgasm) give just a flush of look at me im gorgeous. Illamasqua Chased, this blush is so unlike any of the other pinks I have, it has quite blue undertones but is a strawberry kind of colour and is quite bright and pigmented to you do need to concentrate to avoid looking like a clown but it just has the most amazing colour   
L-R. Nars Shiap, this is an amazing bold fushia pink, similar in colour to mac girl about town but is matte, it however is not completely matte and has a bit of a subtle sheen which I like. It glides on like a dream and is so long wearing, probably the most long wearing lipstick I own (on me). Illamasqua Immodest, This is my favourite colour lipstick I own, it is a vibrant cool toned pink and is quite light in colour. The formula is the let down and if you have dry chapped lips its not for you, it is quite thick in texture and just sits ontop of your lips and clings to dry patches, but I find if I have smooth lips and apply it with a brush at first it is fine and the extra effort is totally worth it for the colour. Mabelline Colour Sensational 910 Shocking Coral, this colour is quite similar to Mac impassioned but a bit lighter in shade, its a bit more of a coral pink, as the name would suggests, but it is defiantly 'shocking' and quite bright which is amazing. Mac Candy Yum Yum pretty much the brightest true pink lipstick ever, its matte but not completely matte and just has a bit of a sheen but is stunningly bright. Mac Viva Glam Nicki Minaj, this is quite a light pink but has blue undertones and is for sure a show stopping pink, I actually bought 3 when they came out (don't judge) and is the only lipstick ive ever finished.
Also I just had to mention these brushes from real techniques, as they are pink and today is all about pink. There is nothing more to say about these than they are amazing, they are both so soft and easy to use. The stippling brush is great for foundation (especially Nars Sheer Glow) and also cream blush and provides quite a light natural finish. The blush brush is sooo soft and works wonders and applies so softly and easy to build up.


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