Sunday, 12 January 2014


Okay so week 2 of 2014 woo hoo! I admit I have had a bit of a boring but very relaxing week, preparing for my holiday (stay tuned for travel beauty bag post tomorrow) and as a result my instagram has been a bit lacking, sorry about that folks but I will be better :) although my tumblr has a queue that I have spent a lot of time on, whoops! but that does mean its full of inspiration.

Well this week on my lips i've been wearing Illamasqua Immodest, a lipstick that I do have a love hate relationship as its my favourite colour, I cant find anything else like it (kind of a mix between my fav mac shades viva glam Nikki and candy yum yum) sometimes I'm not a huge fan of the formula though. Its very matte which I like but it is quite thick uncomfortable and it tends to move around on my lips and stick to dry patches, but when applied with a lip brush to smooth kissable lips good. The colour more than makes up for it though! 
Let me know in the comments if you know of any lipsticks a similar colour I am desperate to find one.

Rediscovery of the Week award has to go to Benefit Sugarbomb, I admit I haven't used this blush in a while but for some reason I grabbed it the other day and remembered just how much I love it. It has such a subtle natural colour, I like to swirl all the colours together to make a light peachy colour that just gives a bit of colour to the cheek and looks great with a bright lip as it isn't to overpowering.

Favourite Blog Post/ YouTube Video has to be Vivianna Does MakeUp & Lily Pebbles guide to blogging/ vlogging series. As I have just started my blog a month ago it is great to have these two wonderful ladies who have amazing blogs that they just put so much thought and work into share some of their tips and tricks with the rest of us rookies.

Fashion, well as I have had a lazy, but productive week I have to admit I have spent a lot of time in my pyjamas, yes I am one of those people who has pyjamas for day and ones for sleeping don't judge, so I thought they should get a mention. Put simply I love Peter Alexander Pyjamas!!! they are the only ones I wear and they are good quality, comfortable and cute, I love the long pants with the leg warmers built into them... I know, amazing! Also I love their big sleep tee's and well, everything, I can't fault anything and I could ramble about the collections forever. 
Post dedicated to PA soon maybe haha, but I'm going to shut up now but stay tuned as I have a few fun things planned here in the coming weeks so make sure you follow me on bloglovin' if your not already so you don't miss them :):)


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