Wednesday, 1 January 2014


Upon raiding my sisters Ciate advent calendar I was posed with the very serious dilemma of which of the 24 polishes to paint my nails with this week. Eventually after I ummed and ahhed for a while I ended up choosing 2 because I just couldn't make a discussion. In the end I went with the super girly  Kiss Chase a gorgeous bold strawberry pink colour accented with Locket, the silver glitter shade which is stunning and made up of both really fine glitter and bigger glitter speckles that just adds a touch of sparkle on my ring fingers, because really who resist a bit of sparkle? Clearly not me! I used a thin coat of Locket just enough to create a contrast and add sparkle but making sure the pink was still seen underneath to make the nails more cohesive, because yes I'm sad and think about kind that stuff :)

Overall its super girly and the formula is really great with only 1 coat needed on most of my nails. I do chip my nails really easily though so we shall see how long it lasts (I've had it on for a day and a half now and there is a bit of chipping on the edge of a few of my nails, but don't read into that to much because polish never lasts to long on me.)

Now the only question is what to paint them next? Any suggestions? :):)

Kiss Chase - Locket 


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