Sunday, 29 December 2013


As we come to the end of another year (seriously how fast has this year gone?) we all get a chance to reflect and more importantly have a snoop around numerous blogs and YouTube channels to discover the yearly favourites, because who doesn't love that? So I thought I would jump on the bandwagon and let you all in on the secret of my favourites, that if you follow me on social media is not so secret, and tell you what my favourite products of 2013 have been, if you're into that kind of thing :)

All the products I have narrowed it down to have consistently proven to be everyday staples in my beauty bag, wardrobe and those few extra things that I have thrown in for a bit of fun. Now most of these products have had serious competition and have not been chosen lightly. That is what I love about this kind of thing because they have to be seriously good to make the cut :) Now grab a coffee its a long read, I did got a bit carried away because I seriously love all these things (but the pictures sum it up pretty quickly if you are to lazy to read it all)


Without a doubt Nars Sheer Glow (shade Deauville) this is probably my all time favourite foundation it have a light to medium coverage and just looks so glowing and natural (but not to glowwy, just the right amount haha) The only issue I do have with it is it clings to dry patches on the skin so I probably wouldn't recommend it for people with dry flakey skin, but I rarely get dry patches so for me most of the time it is simply FAB!

I have really only used one BB cream this year, I do think BB creams are a bit of. Marketing tool but if it works who cares what it's called right. I have been loving the Dr Jart Water Fuse BB Cream for those okay skin days where you don't want to wear makeup but just need something to even out the skintone it is perfect, it doesn't provide much coverage but feels so light on the skin.

I am on the quest for the perfect under eye concealer as my bags are my problem area, my regular combination has been the Benefit erase paste and the YSL Touché Éclat it doesn't cover up the bags completely on the days where I have had absolutely no sleep (pretty frequently as I was in my final year of my Fashion Degree) but it does a good job most days. Anyone have any suggestions? I was thinking I would try the Bobbi Brown Corrector next :)

Rimmel Stay Matte Powder in Translucent, honestly it simply does what it says, I just use it to set my concealer and on any shiny areas and it does a good job without looking cakey and unnatural, the packaging is not that fab but the product is great and cheap :):)

This is the hardest because my collection has grown extensively this year (whoops!) so I have kind of cheated and chosen a powder and a cream blush. For cream blush I have been LOVING the Topshop cream blush in Afternoon Tea it's just a stunning colour and blends really well with fingers or a blush. For powder, the hardest decision, I would have to say Nars Deep Throat as it's the one I come back to time and time again (after I get obsessed with whatever my new blush is for a few weeks haha)

Too Faced Milk Chocolate Soleil, it is the perfect colour as it is light enough for me, the super pale girl but it's not orange like a lot of others. And it also smells like chocolate as (fun fact) it's made with real coco!!

Mac Soft and Gentle without a doubt, it's just the most beautiful champagne highlight that has shimmer in it but won't give you a disco ball face and it can also be used as eyeshadow so it's like buying 2 products in 1 :)


The good old Original Naked, I always thought I was a Naked 2 girl but I have become absolutely obsessed with Naked 1 this year and seriously used it almost every day, love a bit of sin and toasted! Can't wait to get my hands on the Naked 3, seriously I cant love without it!

Mac Teddy pencil and Bobbi Brown gel (black) sort of cheating again but they are both completely different and I go through stages of loving different forms of liner and the Bobbi Brown Gel is fab and so easy to use and looks great and Teddy, a new discovery is actually the most amazing bronze colour it's actually illegal a colour can be that beautiful and again stays on and is easy to use.

Chantecaille faux cils, this mascara has it all, including a ridiculous price tag but it gives great volume and length without looking clumpy or spidery and the wand and packaging are amazing overall amazing! What else is there to say


I love my lipstick and have worn a bright lip pretty much every day this year so I would say my favourite brand would have to be mac because they have the most amazing colours and the formula is fantastic too. If I had to choose a shade though, gun to my head I would say slightly out in front would have to be candy yum yum as I have used 3/4 of mine just this year (and just re-purchased another. Whoops!) it's just the most amazing bright bright pink matte that looks great with everything. 

Lucas Paw Paw Ointment, it's nothing special and doesn't look very appealing but boy does it do the job, it's supposed to be for things like gravel rash and burns so it's like an industrial strength piece of magic!

I am so lazy with skin care but I have tried to be better I have been loving Michael Todd products particularly the Tropical Fruit Exfoliant Scrub and the Charcoal Cleanser. Something else I've been loving is the Borghese Fango Active Mud Mask I actually got this one cheap from as it is in the old packaging, but it still works amazingly for a bit of a pamper, and I actually used it on my 13 year old brother (you can imagine the skin!) and it did wonders for his blackheads and just skin in general so it really does work to clear the skin.

Honestly I'm not much for haircare but I have fallen in love with the macadamia deep repair mask, and Shampoo and Conditioner it just rejuvenates my hair and leaves it shahhh shiny!

I change my clothing obsessions so frequently and go through phases, and my style is constantly evolving so I don't really have a favourite piece of clothing but I have been loving the label Nicholas and it's probably the brand and looking back its the label I have bought the most items of clothing from this year. I just love all the playful colours and prints some styles in my opinion have become a little repetitive however they are clearly selling. 

I have been using the same bright yellow cambridge satchel pretty much every day this year (so it's looking a bit worse for wear now) but I love it. I have the 11 inch one and it is perfect for me, it fits my iPad in (just as long as there is not to much junk in the bag with it) but it actually holds a lot for a small bag but it does force me to clean out my bag. I just love the colour of this bag and it makes a statement and brightens any outfit. I've also been loving my Karen Walker Super Duper Critter got them 12 months ago and still love them. The shape is stunning and the detail on the frame is amazing, they just add so much interest to the glasses in such a subtle way.  Statement rings have also been a big part of my 2013, they make such a subtle statement are appropriate to wear all the time, well I think so, why not do the grocery shopping with some bling on your fingers.

All jewellery Samantha Wills except Square Ring which is Lovisa. Satchel photo taken when it was new (it doesn't look like that now but I wont show you that. haha) But if you actually want to see a post on the wear and tear of it let m know :)

RANDOM (because I can):

TV: I have been addicted to Scandal this year, I have been watching it since it started but just when you thought it couldn't get any better it does, time and time again and it's always fun to watch Olivia Pope turn up to a bloody crime scene in a stunning white suit. Of corse I have been loving Vampire Diaries my other guilty pleasure too.

One Direction: Not going to lie I have jumped on the 1D bandwagon, it started as a joke but now I would have to almost call myself a directioner, Niall all the way :)

Pinterest: I have spent/ wasted hours on there this year and just repined images of things that inspire and excite me honestly even doing uni research on there (a bit sad) but its just so damn addictive!!! I have also just started with Tumblr and so far that has been just as addictive. 

Let me know what your favourite things of 2013 have been, I love hearing recommendations and what other people have been obsessed with :)