Sunday, 22 December 2013


So earlier this week my friend and I decided it would be a good idea to go "Christmas Shopping" and that Christmas shopping turned more into buying gifts for us and getting so distracted we were late for end of year drinks with our Uni friends Whops! We did get some bargains though so it perfectly justified, so I thought I would share with you the goodies I purchased, clearly I was in a mood to buy more evening pieces (so unlike me) but I just couldn't resist.

Scanlan Theodore had some pretty good discounts on sale items so I purchased 2 skirts and a gorgeous top and then Thurley at Melbourne Central was having a MASSIVE!!!! (yes 4 exclamation points were completely necessary) and I got my hands on a stunning peplum top and a dress.
First off from Scanlan Theodore I snatched up these matching pencil skirt and raglan sleeve top, because who doesnt love a bit of matching metallic tinsel! I did get really excited because typically I struggle to find pieces where the matching separates both suit my figure but I loved both these pieces separately so I just had to buy both. the fabric of these pieces is absolutely amazing and I am so excited to wear these pieces together and separately they are quite evening however I have decided I don't care, I'm going to make it my mission to work some evening pieces during the day in 2014. Both these pieces were on sale with the skirt down from $350 to $130! and the top costing me $150 (I think) and I believe it is a sample piece.

 Next also from Scanlan Theodore we have the most amazing purple/pink skirt with a blue metalic thread woven into the fabric. the skirt itself is a circle full skirt with the fullness starting on the sides just under the hip making it a unique flattering shape and its not short like a lot of full skirts. As these were both sale items I could not  find them on their website but Scanlan Theodore have just opened there online store YAY! exciting for me but I'm guessing not for my wallet

 Now Thurley's sale at their Melbourne Central store at first I thought was a joke, honestly. The sales assistant was telling us that the brand has recently been bought out so they were just having this incredible sale. Unfortunately a lot of the things were sold out, like the $40 wedding dresses!! so there wasn't a huge selection but my friend got 3 pairs of pants (worth over $1000) for $90! so if you wear pants there was a huge selection of pants, unfortunately I'm not a huge pant wearer and the ones I tried just didn't look very good.  I did manage to pick up a few things though. A stunning textured silver peplum top that is fully bound on the inside for just $30. The peplum detail is actually quite interesting as it is not the typical round peplum, it is angled which is both flattering and I think takes away some of the girliness of the top and makes it a bit more on the edgy side and the texture of the fabric is AMAZING.

 Also from Thurley I got this black and white dress, I'm not typically a LBD kind of girl however I thought this one was particularly interesting as it is in a vest kind of style and the white detailing makes the dress quite classy and versatile in my opinion. Personally I would wear it with 'fun' accessories and try to make it a bit more of a quirky play on the traditional conservative style that you could also style is as. You cant really see in the photo as it's black, but the skirt part is actually a wrap which adds an extra dimension and makes the dress a bit more casual.
Again as this was a 'special' in store sale I couldn't find the pieces online however there defiantly is a lot of good discounts on their online store and also some stunning pieces from their current collection that I would definantly recomend,  I have my eye on a stunning black beaded bustier


  1. the skirt is very pretty :)